Year One in Review

This month marks my blog’s one year anniversary! To celebrate, I thought it would be fun to “steal” a list of superlatives from one of those blog awards that went around a while back, and recap a few of my posts. Here we go!

Most Helpful: I’m going to go with my post on Writing with a Full-Time Job. I even ended up writing a guest post on the same subject for Ink Slingers. It can be tough to find time to write when you also work, but it’s absolutely possible.

Most Popular & Most Surprisingly Successful: I’m combining these two because the post that’s received the most hits overall is one I never expected to be so popular: Managing Expectations While Keeping the Faith. Honestly I think a lot of people found it by googling Eleanor Roosevelt, but that’s okay! The message of that post – that as writers, you have to be practical and realistic about the publishing process, but also believe in the power of dreams – is an important one.

Most Controversial: In my post, Not Just Another Writing Blog, I took on a semi-controversial topic – what writers should blog about. It’s definitely a personal decision, but I decided to branch out and blog about more than writing and books. So far, I’ve done that through my Thirty Before 30 posts and it’s been fun.

Most Underrated: I think the YA Cafe Book Club posts were a little underrated, because not as many people participated as Gabi and I originally hoped for. But I’m still glad we tried it. I enjoyed chatting about YA books and will keep doing so with the 2012 Debut Author Challenge.

Most Pride-worthy: A post I’m really proud of is my Writer’s Digest 2010 recap post, On Not Pitching. In it, I described how I was one of the only conference attendees who didn’t pitch my book during the agent pitch slam, and why that was the right decision for me. It’s easy to get sucked into the pressure of doing things quickly (pitching, querying, etc.), but it’s better to wait until you’re ready before taking the next step. I’m so glad I waited. I’m attending the conference again this January and this time, I’m ready to pitch. More on that soon!

Overall, this has been a fantastic year of blogging and I’m excited to keep going. I’m grateful for all of you for following me along in my little writing journey. Seriously, THANK YOU! The writing and kid lit community rocks and I love being part of it!

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