DIY MFA Sub2Pub Challenge

My good friend Gabriela Pereira (who wrote this guest post a few weeks ago) posed an exciting new challenge on her website, DIY MFA. It’s called the Sub2Pub Challenge.

How it works is every participant picks a piece of writing (a poem, short story, novel, or non-fiction proposal) and commits to sending it out until it either gets selected for publication/representation or until the end of 2012, whichever comes first.

Since I’m querying literary agents this year, I decided to join in. I hereby commit to querying my contemporary young adult novel, in┬ásmall batches at a time, until either I sign with a literary agent or until┬áDecember 31, 2012. (And let’s be honest, I’ll probably keep going past 2012 unless I hear from too many agents that it sucks. Which hopefully won’t happen!)

I’m a newbie to querying and know that rejection is part of the process. I’m expecting it and refuse to let it deter me. Of course, if the feedback I receive makes me realize that I need to go back and revise my manuscript again, I will. But I won’t let negative feedback stop me from querying altogether.

If you have work that’s ready to be sent out (or close), you should join us! For more information and to sign up, check out Gabi’s post on DIY MFA.

Also, if you’re a short story writer looking for places to submit, check out Racquel Henry’s “Opportunities in the Great, Big Literary World” posts. She posts a new list of opportunities every Monday.

Have a great weekend!

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