Let’s Talk About Audio Books (And Pie)

Happy Pi Day! In celebration, I’m going to eat 3.14 slices of pie. Okay, not really. But I’d like to. Mmm, pie.

Anyway, what I really want to talk about is audio books. I’m proud to say that my husband is an avid reader…but really, he’s an avid listener. Lately, he’s been listening to a lot of audio books since he commutes by car to work. He even has an Audible.com subscription. Mostly he listens to non-fiction, but last month after I finished The Fault in Our Stars, I insisted he read/listen to it. He’d just finished the “biography” on cancer, The Emperor of All Maladies. Also, one of his good friends at work was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, so I thought he’d appreciate the perspective Hazel and Augustus give on what it’s like to live with the disease.

He really enjoyed the book, which I knew would happen because it’s an amazing story. I got to hear a little of the audio version when we were in the car together. It sounds like the actress who narrates did a great job portraying the emotions of the story. John Green even does a Q&A at the end! Apparently he also narrated an audio version himself for his avid fans, but found it awkward since he’s a thirty year old man narrating a teenage girl’s voice. Hmm, sounds like something I’d like to hear. ;)

At some point, I’ll listen to the entire TFIOS audio book. In the meantime, it made me want to listen to others. It’s like story time for adults!

Over the past few years, I’ve listened to these audio books, and really enjoyed them:

Malcolm Gladwell writes about such fascinating topics and it was cool to hear him talk about them himself.

Elizabeth Gilbert also narrated her own book, which worked well since it was such a personal story.

I’m really looking forward to listening to these:

These ladies are hilarious and I’ve heard their books are too. And they narrate! (I’m noticing a trend.) I already have a copy of Bossypants, so I’m going to give it a listen soon.

What do you think of audio books? Yay or nay?

And since it’s Pi day, what’s your favorite kind of pie? (Mine are apple and pumpkin!)

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