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I’m back!

You may have noticed my absence last week. I went on vacation to New Orleans with my husband and it was wonderful! I had planned to schedule a post but my week away correlated with the migration of my blog from blogger to WordPress, so I wasn’t able to.

Speaking of the migration, it’s complete! My blog is officially in WordPress. I took all of the steps to ensure that the transition is seamless for my blog readers, so you should *hopefully* see this post in your reader. (Let me know if you don’t!) Feel free to click through to see the new site. It pretty much looks the same, with a few fun additions like:

*Home page: Now, when you visit http://www.ghenetmyrthil.com, you see this welcome page. My blog URL is now http://www.ghenetmyrthil.com/blog.

*New Sidebar Buttons:

The first three buttons (for my twitter page, feedburner feed, and Google Reader link) were always there, but now there are buttons for Pinterest and my personal fave, Instagram!

The big negative with migrating to WordPress is that there was an issue transferring comments so most of them aren’t showing up here. Including the most recent ones! I can still see them in my blogger account, but you guys can’t. Sad face. But I’m still happy I made the switch, and we’ll start fresh with new comments going forward.

Improving my blog was one of my Thirty Before 30 goals, and since migrating to WordPress was my biggest change, I’m officially marking it as complete. Thanks again for subscribing to my feed and sticking with me through this transition.

Now, back to regular posting! I’m still planning to post for Blog Me Maybe, so I’ll be back with *two* posts for that blog fest next week. One on Monday about writing, and then I’ll share my favorite high school memory (as promised in my last post) on Tuesday. Stay tuned!

I thought I’d end this post with a few Instagram’d photos from my New Orleans Vacation. Have you ever been? We’re already making plans to go back. This is just a small selection of the fun we had:

*Artwork with local New Orleans’ motto*Oak trees at a Louisiana plantation tour*
*Comfy bicycle with leather seat and handle from our tour around the city*The muffuletta: Best. Sandwich. Ever!

*I held a baby alligator in the swamp!*View from our sunset gondola ride*

26 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Looks like a fabulous trip! Did you eat beignets?

    Love the new site, and it’s showing up just fine in my Blogger reader.

  2. Welcome back, and way to go on completing the WordPress upgrade! This post did show up in my reader with no problem. I have always wanted to visit New Orleans, too! The sunset gondola ride looks amazing!

  3. Yay! Welcome back. Totally LOVE your New Orleans pics. I must get on the Instagram. I have it but I haven’t taken any pictures (me: Loser).

    I’m getting your RSS feed and everything. Smooth transition. :)

  4. That is soooo super cool that you’ve held a baby alligator. That’s one thing that should def be on my bucket list. Seems like you had lots o’ fun on your trip. Nice. And I wonder when I’ll change over to WordPress? Not quite yet.

  5. YAY! We went to New Orleans a couple of years ago and it was AWESOME. I recognize the double line of plantation trees in your picture :). NOLA had the most amazing ghost tour I’ve ever been on, highly recommend for anyone who enjoys good storytelling. Can’t wait to go back!

    • Ooo, I’ll keep the ghost tour in mind for our next trip. We’re already making plans to go back, we enjoyed it so much. And there’s SO much to do there! And such yummy food!

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