Thirty Before 30: Six Months to Go!

I turn 30 years old this year. In about 6 months. Eep! Besides the usual “how did I get this old?” feelings, I have very little time to finish up my Thirty Before 30 list. Though I’ve done pretty well so far.

Here’s what I’ve accomplished since I first created my list in August 2011 (with links to recaps, where applicable):

1. Finish revising The Right Exposure
2. Query literary agents (Still in process but I’m marking it complete for these purposes!)
5. Go to an SCBWI LA conference
7. Go on a writing retreat
8. Create a vlog
10. Improve my blog
12. Visit a local winery
15. Learn to knit
27. Bake a cake
28. Buy a house

Here’s what’s in process:

3. Write at least two more novels
6. Read 150 books (According to my Goodreads shelf, I’ve read 100 so far.)
9. Participate in 10 Twitter chats: 3/10 complete
19. Complete Couch to 5K (This has been in process for WAY too long…)
21. Do 6 volunteer projects (2 per year): 4/6 complete (#1#2#3#4)
24. Do 5 touristy NYC activities: 2/5 complete (#1#2)
29. See Book of Mormon on Broadway (More on this soon!)

Finally, here’s what’s left on my list:

4. Write a picture book
11. Travel to at least one other continent
13. Visit Las Vegas
14. Take a Spanish conversation class
16. Purchase and learn to use a DSLR camera
17. Learn yoga
18. Do something I’ve never done before
20. Run a 5K
22. Do something nice for a friend, just because
23. Send someone a handwritten letter
25. Treat myself to a spa day
26. Be a vegetarian for a week
30. Throw a fun 30th birthday bash

Honestly, I know I won’t complete every remaining item on my list before my birthday. While I’d love to travel abroad (or even to Vegas) before I turn 30, I’m not sure it’ll happen within the next six months. I’m working on manuscript #2, but doubt I’ll finish it and a third manuscript by my deadline. I’m also not as intent on taking a Spanish conversation class, though I would like to brush up on my Spanish another way.

I’m still excited to cross off as many things as I can. Since I’m thinking at least 5 of the above items won’t happen, I made a list of alternative goals I can feasibly complete instead.

Alt 1. Read a book on personal finance.
Alt 2. Take a cooking class.
Alt 3. Write an author fan email.
Alt 4. Go on a road trip.
Alt 5. Watch 3 foreign films.

As usual, I’ll post about everything I complete! Looking forward to it. :)

Do you have any personal goals you’re excited to accomplish this year?

20 thoughts on “Thirty Before 30: Six Months to Go!

  1. Good luck! I remember when you first posted this list—I was jealous that I was too close to 30 myself to pull off something similar! It’s been awesome to see you check things off. I bet you can get a lot of the remaining non-travel (and non-write-a-whole-new-book!) ones checked off easily. Can’t wait to hear about the process!

  2. Those are awesome goals, Ghenet, and I’m so … what’s the word? … that you made this list so long ago and have stuck to it. In awe? Impressed? Something more than that, I think. It’s pretty inspiring, actually. Best of luck finishing up the list. You got this! :)

  3. Best of luck with these goals, Ghenet! I love this idea so much, I think I might borrow it. I’m turning 33 next month (eep!), so perhaps I’ll do 35 Before 35? I’m with Meredith: you’re perseverance with this list is totally inspiring. :-)

  4. Wow, I’m impressed! That’s a great list. If you need a road trip destination (or if you’ve never been here–something you’ve never done!) Buffalo is lovely this time of year! (It actually kind of is because we’ve gotten half an inch of snow every night for the last week so it’s never enough to be messy but it keeps things looking sparkly!) Also we’re right by Niagara Falls–ever been there? You’d totally be welcome to stay with us for a night!

    • I’d love to visit Niagara Falls! I’ve passed through but didn’t get the chance to stop and really appreciate it. I can see my husband taking a road trip like that when it gets warmer. If we do, I’ll let you know so we can meet up!

  5. I wish I’d done something like this before turning 30. Good luck finishing as many of these as you can in the next six months! I’m sure you can pull off a lot of them! :)

  6. Good luck finishing all that you can during the next six months! Based on your list, it looks like you’ve definitely accomplished a lot and are on your way to accomplishing even more! The Book of Mormon is a show I really want to see, too, at some point.

  7. I love this list of items, Ghenet! (And uh, btw…..30 is not old. You’ll look back on this number soon enough and laugh! ;-)

    I’m not the type of person who can make lists like this. When I do….I feel SO much pressure to accomplish that it stops being fun. And then, of course, when I don’t complete items, I feel lousy. LOL A vicious circle, right? But I do admire people who make lists and then check items off one by one. Amazing!

    Congratulations on everything you’ve accomplished so far. I can’t wait to read this list again in 6 months!

  8. Debemos practicar nuestro castellano con Corrie! Ella y yo queremos hablar mas tambien ;)

    Write-in night/afternoon + Spanish practice, sometime? :D

    Awesome progress on all your goals though!! That was a huge list, and you got through a ton of them already! hehe

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