YAB Spring Writing Bootcamp Update #6


Happy May! I’m back with another YAB Spring Writing Bootcamp update, and it’s a good one because some pretty awesome things happened since I last posted.

The first is I won Camp NaNoWriMo AND finished the first draft of my second manuscript!

When I first set my goals for the bootcamp in March, I planned to write as much of my contemporary YA WIP as possible, but I didn’t necessarily expect to finish the first draft. Then, I decided to join Camp NaNoWriMo in April and use it to write the last 25K words. I kept up with with my daily word count and won Camp NaNo – plus finished my draft! – on April 30th. This book is currently a little over 52K words, which will definitely increase during revisions since I have a lot to flesh out. But I’m really happy with how the story came out, and I’m excited to revise after I take a little break. I learned a lot from drafting this particular book, but I’ll save that for another post. For now, celebration!


celebrationCheers to me!

Then, this past weekend I went to the New England SCBWI conference for the second time. It was incredibly inspiring and fun. I headed up to Massachusetts with my friend and fellow buccaneer, Kathryn Holmes, reconnected with other writer friends I’d met there last year, and made new friends. Plus, I attended some really helpful workshops, found inspiration in the keynotes, and left with even more motivation to make both of my manuscripts shine. It was the perfect way to celebrate a finished draft and pump myself up for the next few months of revisions. I can’t wait to return next year!

Speaking of revisions, let’s talk about my plan for the rest of the bootcamp. I can’t believe we’re already in the last month! My other main goal was to make a few more changes to my first manuscript, THE RIGHT EXPOSURE, before querying further. I hope to finish as much as I can this month. This week in particular, I want to break out the book map I created back in March, plus the feedback I’ve collected, and create a plan and checklist for my revision. Then I’ll dive right in. I have a few ideas swirling around my head already, so I’m excited to get started.


Go Team Mountaineers!
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What’s new with you this week?

23 thoughts on “YAB Spring Writing Bootcamp Update #6

  1. You look SOOOOO happy after finishing, Ghenet! I love that! You’ve certainly done an amazing job on all your goals so far. I’m confident May will be even more productive for you, and I look forward to hearing all the good things about your manuscripts in the near, near future! Yay, you!

    • Thanks!! I’m really exited to have another manuscript under my belt, even if it needs a lot of work. There have been a lot more distractions in May so far but I’m still managing to squeeze in revising time. :)

  2. Another CONGRATS for you!! :) Seriously, awesome awesome stuff. And, I love putting my revision notes into a check list. At first it’s a bit overwhelming, but once you start knocking things off the list, it’s amazeballs! :)

  3. No joke, this is the best goal update EV-VER!!! Congrats on winning Camp NaNo (um, I think I wrote 5k words total?) AND finishing your first draft!!! That seriously is awesome, G. – I can’t wait to see what you bust out in May! Best of luck with your goals this week. :) And…I’m totally jealous you got to go that writing conference with Kathryn – sounds like so much fun!

    • Aww, thanks so much Erin! I’m so grateful for YAB Bootcamp – I don’t know that I could have finished this manuscript so quickly without it!

      I wish you could have come to the conference with me and Kat – it’d be awesome to have a YAB get together some day!

  4. Congrats, Ghenet!!!! That is so, so awesome!!!!!! :D I love the way you celebrated, too! :)

    That’s so fun that you and Kathryn got to meet up at a writer’s conference. Pirates IRL! You should totally write something about how to navigate writer’s conferences, too. You’ve gone to so many and I bet you have some awesome tips to share … :)

    Anyhow! Kudos for winning Camp NaNo, for finishing your manuscript (*cheers*), and best of luck with your revisions and other goals this week!

    • Ooo, good idea! I’ll put together a conference post for YAB later this month. Thanks for the suggestion!

      Thanks again! I really have YAB to thank for keeping me motivated the last couple of months! :)

  5. That is just so great. It’s always feel like an accomplishment when you put your mind to something and then follow through and make it happen. Good for you. Happy revising!

    As for me, day job is taking up most of my time but now I’m become a “morning person” and it feels great putting my writing first before anything else. Should be finished with my revisions this summer and looking forward to starting a new project in the fall!

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