YAB Spring Writing Bootcamp Update #7


I’m popping in for a short and sweet YAB Spring Writing Bootcamp update. I haven’t had much to report in the last couple of weeks but I’ve been working on revising my first manuscript, THE RIGHT EXPOSURE. I did a few of the book map exercises I learned from Cheryl Klein’s plot workshop back in March – they were very helpful! I’ve also been brainstorming how to fix certain things with my critique partners. Now, I just need to dive in. Unfortunately, May has turned out to be an especially busy month and I haven’t had as much time to sit down with my manuscript. Thankfully June is looking much better so I plan to get as much done as I can between now and then, and then dedicate June to knocking out this revision.

What I’ve lacked in revision time, I’ve gained in fun! In the last couple of weeks, I attended a kids’ birthday party and the wedding of one of my best friends, plus spent a lot of time enjoying the beautiful spring weather with my loved ones. I have to say, it has been nice to step away from my laptop a bit to live a little.

I apologize to my blog friends for not being able to visit and comment on your posts as usual lately, but I should be able to get back in the swing of things soon. I also have a few blog posts planned, including a Thirty Before 30 update. In the meantime, I hope you’re all having a fun and productive week!


Go Team Mountaineers!
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8 responses to “YAB Spring Writing Bootcamp Update #7

  1. Glad you’ve been having fun and enjoying the nice weather! I love this time of year. Good luck with the revision!

  2. Sounds like a lot of good stuff! I’m super-excited to see your Thirty before 30 update, too. :) Have a great week, Ghenet!

  3. Definitely good to get out from behind a screen now and then :)

  4. Erin Funk

    May has been super busy for me too, Ghenet. I think part of that is so much starts happening once the weather turns nice. It sounds like you’ve been enjoying lots of other fun activities, so that’s good! I hope things are going well with your revisions and that June is a little more relaxing for you! :)

    • Yeah, I have a feeling it’ll be a bit harder to be as productive once the weather gets really nice. But my husband and I *did* just get new patio furniture for our deck, so I think there will be a lot of al fresco revising in my future! :)

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