Ready. Set. Write! Update #2

Ready. Set. Write! is a summer writing challenge hosted by Jamie MorrowErin FunkKaty Upperman, and Alison Miller. For more info, click here! Each week, we give short updates on our goal progress.


How I did on last week’s goals

Earlier last week, I started feeling a bit overwhelmed by starting a revision from scratch. Even with the Revision Pyramid as my guide, I wasn’t sure where to begin! So I decided to take it “bird by bird” and start with chapter one. I reworked the first chapter and also started revising the second. I’m feeling much better about this revision!

My goal(s) for this week

  • Finish revising chapter 2 and revise chapter 3.
  • Send chapters 1-3 to my CPs for some initial feedback.
  • Keep revising chapters!

One word/phrase that sums up what I wrote/revised

I know first chapters are super-important so I spent a lot of time on mine, incorporating details and emotions that will hopefully grab my readers’ attention and make them want to read more.

The biggest challenge I faced this week

Initially, it was getting past feeling overwhelmed. But I quickly overcame it and ended the week on a good note.

Something I love about my WiP

I love my main character and her voice. It’s been really fun writing her!

Have a good week!

19 thoughts on “Ready. Set. Write! Update #2

  1. While I hate that you were overwhelmed last week, knowing that you were made me feel less alone in my own challenges. So, thank you for sharing. So glad you cleared that hump and are moving along now. Best of luck to you this week, Ghenet!

    • I know what you mean, it’s nice to know you’re not alone! I feel a little better about things now, but I’m sure once I get to the part of the manuscript that’s super messy (all the stuff I wrote during Camp NaNo) these feelings might return. But it’s nice to have the support of other writers like you. We can do this!!

      • I feel your hesitations; I’m still not sure whether to return to an old project or start something new. Even bird by bird, the revision seems so daunting.

      • Maybe your time away will give you some insight. I started to feel that way with my first manuscript so I’m taking a break from it. I hope you’re able to figure it out. :)

  2. I hear you on the overwhelmed thing when it comes to revising. Especially this “I don’t know where to start” feeling. I *always* feel that way in revisions. But I think you’re coming at it the right way: a little bit at a time. I think it’s too easy to see the whole thing and get bogged down by it. Bird by bird really is the best way to approach it. Sounds like you’ve found your stride though, so that’s awesome! Keep it up, Ghenet! :D

  3. I totally feel your pain! Right now I’m looking at the overall picture because I want to try to see all my plot issues, all my character issues, and all my setting issues as a whole, but then eventually I will go chapter by chapter. But looking at it as a whole is SUPER overwhelming. It’s going to be hard to actually start making those changes. Good for you for sticking through those first few chapters. Those are going to be the toughest for me, so I wish I was on the other side with you! Have a great week!

    • I started out with the plan to look at specific issues (like plot, character, etc.) first and think I’ll do that for the next round. But for this round, going chapter by chapter is making me feel a little less stressed about it. So I guess I’ll keep going with it! Good luck with your revisions!

  4. I hear you about those first chapters – it’s why I’m reworking mine AGAIN. :) But it’s okay. I too love my characters and love spending time with them so…

    Good luck this week! And Bird by Bird FTW! Love that book!

  5. Taking it bird by bird is the only way that works for me. I’m glad you’re making great progress on your revisions & that you love your MC–that’s one of the most important things! Good luck with your revisions!

  6. So happy to hear you aren’t feeling overwhelmed anymore. Story beginnings have to be the biggest challenge, I think, so nice job on reworking your first chapter! Hope the chapter revisions continue to go well this week and that you get some great CP feedback!

  7. I love drafting because anything goes. Revision time always feels so daunting and unstructured! I’m glad you’ve been able to bird-by-bird it so far and I hope it brings you continued revision success!

    • Thanks! The thing is, I actually really like revising more than drafting! So I think now that I’ve gotten past that initial struggle of where to begin, I’ll start having more fun with it. :)

  8. I LOVE Bird by Bird! But i haven’t heard of the revision triangle – I’ll have to check that out. I like the simple and brief format of this summer challenge, I might try it!

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