Ready. Set. Write! Update #10

Ready. Set. Write! is a summer writing challenge hosted by Jamie MorrowErin FunkKaty Upperman, and Alison Miller. For more info, click here! Each week, we give short updates on our goal progress.


How I did on last week’s goals

It was sort of a tough week because I had a few other things to take care of during the week, and then we had house guests over the weekend. But I squeezed in a little time to revise, and I also accomplished one of my main RSW goals – naming my WIP! More on that below.

My goal(s) for this week

More of the same – revise as much as I can.

One word/phrase that sums up what I wrote/revised

My WIP finally has a working title! It is tentatively called STARTING FROM SCRATCH. It’ll probably end up changing but I’m happy with it for now. It relates to my story in several ways.

The biggest challenge I faced this week

Time, once again. I have a lot of things on my plate but I’m determined to prioritize my WIP this week.

Something I love about my WIP

I’m excited to have finally decided on a working title!

Have a good week!

7 responses to “Ready. Set. Write! Update #10

  1. Titles are always really hard for me–glad you figured out a good one! :)

    Good luck revising this week!

  2. LoVE the title, Ghenet! Titles are always really hard for me (OF FRAGILE THINGS went through about 5…and 2 of them were i HATE TITLES WHY CAN’T I QUERY THIS AS ‘UNTITLED’ :P). Good luck revising. keep on keeping on! Have a great week!

  3. Alison Miller

    YAY for a working title! Also, I hear you on the prioritizing and trying to get everything done that needs doing! Can be frustrating. BUT you can do it! And good luck with your goals this week!

  4. That title is super cute, and it makes me wonder about the emails of your WiP. Best of luck with those revisions — I’m rooting for you!

  5. Yay for deciding on a title! I feel like once I have that, a project starts feeling more real to me. Good luck revising this week!

  6. Woo hoo on the title and good luck with revisions this week!

  7. Read your title and 1. Love it. 2. Immediately thought of a song I love–“Scratch” by Kendall Payne. Titles are so difficult!

    I would say good luck this week, but it’s Sunday so…hope tomorrow’s check-in is a positive one!

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